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Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Last night I dreamed that I could harness the power of the ocean.

I dreamt of towering waves and kites tangled up in lightning.

I dreamt of crumbing skyscrapers and collapsing mountains.

I dreamed of elves and pixies and fairies forever chasing the setting sun.

I dreamt I could paint the sky any colour I wanted and chose to leave it blue because some things are better left alone.

I dreamt of flowers disintegrating into ash blowing in the wind.

I dreamed of empty promises and forgotten friends and people twisted into knots.

I dreamed of sea shells and snail shells and eggs shells.

I dreamt the moon was lonely - I tried to visit but gravity held me down.

I dreamt of ice cream cones and roller skates and discos held on the rings of Saturn.

I dreamed of cartwheels and handstands and butterflies doing somersaults. One flew too close to a giant and she swallowed it whole.

I dreamed that the wind was trying to tell me secrets but trees kept intercepting the message.

I dreamed the clouds were angry and threw tantrums of thunder and water and electricity.

I dreamt of dragons in the sea and mermaids in the sky; unusual but sometimes circumstance defies logic and not everything can be explained.

I dreamed I fought Time in a boxing ring - Time won but not for my lack of effort.

I dreamt of ticking clocks and yesterdays crashing into impatient tomorrows.

I dreamed of wishing wells, shiny pennies and seeds sprouting from cracks in the sidewalk.

I dreamt Past and Future got into a fight and killed Present by accident.

I dreamt of tornadoes and earthquakes and avalanches and then I dreamed myself awake.

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