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Jane has been a dance teacher for a little under a decade, and has an expertise in working with Neurodivergent children. She is a professional dancer and choreographer. Please reach out to if you're interested in her dancing, choreography or teaching services 


Swansea School of Dance
2015 - PRESENT
Dance Teacher and Competition Choreographer
Teaches kids 1.5-Adult, tap, jazz, ballet, and pre-school dance. Choreographer of duets, trios and solos.
Many competition dances placed at competition. Videos available upon request
Swansea School of dance
2023 - PRESENT
CREATOR OF Dance Program for Neurodiverse Kids
I used my own knowlege as an autistic person plus my education from Autism Spectrum Teacher Training and the Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada on how young neurodivese brains work from to create a dance program for Autstic and ADHD kids. 
Annex Dance Academy
2023 - PRESENT
Dance Teacher
Pre-Dance teacher (1.5 years to 5 years), Acro Teacher, Competition Choreographer
Dancing with Carolyn's
Dance Teacher
Head of the tap program and glee program, pre-school dance
2023 - PRESENT

Selected Choreography

Competetitive Dance Choreographer 
Tap, Contemporary, Lyrical, Acro
Tap company (4 shows)
Vintage Taps
Dance Film Memoir 
Let The Elephant's Dance 2022 Showcase
Contemporary Show
Dream On 2023
Studio showcases
At various dance studio showcases
Centauri Arts Academy 
2023 - PRESENT
Dance, Drama, Writing Instructor
Bring arts programs into schools through Centauri Arts and  does programming for teens and pre-teens with Centauri Arts Academy 


Royal Academy of Dance
Intermediate Ballet Certificate: 2019
Performing Arts Educators of Canada
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