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Jane Aster Roe is an award winning multimedia writer, producer, director, and storyteller based in Toronto, Canada. She is passionate about storytelling as a form of radical empathy and strongly believes in the power of art and media as a vehicle for societal change. Jane’s colorful brain is made up of autism, anxiety disorders, depression, and PTSD; and she embraces the motto of "seeking kinship in madness and meaning making." With her company Aster Roe Productions, she has both produced and is in the process of producing and collaborating on short films, a feature film, several stage shows, podcasts, and a documentary on mental illness, neurodiversity, and the long lasting impacts of sexual violence. Jane has studied at the school of the New York Times and Sundance Collab, and is driven by her own experiences, and an innate curiosity about life and human nature. Through her work Jane strives to tell untold stories and examine familiar stories through new lenses.

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